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Things will never be the same (and that's okay)

In 2012, Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy wrote an interesting and informative book, Resilience, Why Things Bounce Back. In it, Zolli and Healy spend a significant amount of time differentiating between resilience and recovery. In many circumstances -- and we are facing one now -- environments and systems undergo changes of such import that returning to the status quo ante simply is not possible. Unfortunately, many executives (and many of the "experts" advising them) play the part of Sisyphus in attempting to return to a pre-catalyst world. Rather than concisely defining their core purpose and looking for new and innovative ways to protect and achieve the same, these executives -- limited by old ways and old thinking -- fail to understand the opportunities and threats of an environment that has been forever changed.

Resiliency planning, like strategy development, requires an ability to think creatively, comprehensively, and in the long-term. For good or for ill, most organizations focused on quarterly earnings statements and the next security analyst call are not only not accustomed to such thinking, but they don't know where to start. For those beginning to consider how to succeed in a post-pandemic world, it would be very wise to build the relationships and develop the capacity to think and plan in terms of resilience.

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